Essure Problems 

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Press Release 9/12/16

Members of the Essure Problems Group, along with Madris Tomes of Device Events, attorneys Holly Ennis and Kim Dougherty, and breast implant illness activists Chandra Dealessandro and Jamee Bramlett Cook are heading to Washington DC today. They have a packed schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday. Both days are booked solid with members of the house and senate.

They will be asking for support of Ariel Grace’s Law H.R. 5403 and urging Representatives and Senators to join forces with Representatives Fitzpatrick and Slaughter to make this bill into law as soon as possible. They will also be asking them to send a letter to the Health Committees urging a hearing on this issue, and incorporate the language of Ariel Grace’s Law into the 21st Century Cures Act and MDUFA, as added protection to patients.

Also on Wednesday, four of these women will be attending a meeting with FDA officials on the FDA campus in Silver Springs, Maryland. They will be discussing the newly released updates on the FDA website regarding the Essure device, and inquiring about the future black box warning to this device.

If media wishes to reach out for a statement or to shoot video in DC, please contact us at [email protected]