Essure Problems 

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In Response to Recent Media Surrounding the French Essure Study

Bayer is clinging on to Essure by its very last fiber. The French study is a coordinated marketing ploy that is reminiscent of this recent article about seeding trials. Seeding trials appear to be designed to answer a scientific question, but really exists to promote a product. These seeding trials are one method by which drug or device companies pay physicians for using their products without calling it an actual bribe.

It should be noted the article was corrected the day it was released to include the conflict of interest disclosures of Dr Eve Espey. As seen below, the teaching hospital that employees her in New Mexico received over $46,000 from Bayer for research in 2015, ironically just one year after the studies reported completion date in 2014.

Dr Espey is quoted as saying “The matter has grown so heated that she saw people protesting Essure right next to anti-abortion protesters when she attended the last annual meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.”
That is untrue. Yes, the Essure Problems group was protesting against Essure and the ACOG support of this device, however our group was actually located beside a group of men protesting another issue - not the one referred to in her quote and we have the photos to prove it. 

Our group is inclusive to ALL women harmed by Essure regardless of our members views. We have come together united to ensure ALL consumers are guaranteed safe medical devices and their individual litigation rights are protected. This is evident by the Medical Device Safety Act (H.R. 2164) that is currently in front of the House of Representatives.

Lastly, it was interesting that within just a couple of hours this story hit a variety of media outlets at the very same time with very similar titles. One of the articles was published by Healthday which lists this description on their website;

HealthDay's health news services and products are turnkey resources for your company or organization. We produce the latest, most readable Internet-ready health content to inform your subscribers, staff, customers and patients of the most important developments in medicine and health.

The question is, who’s marketing team was pushing this out so hard?

It is infuriating to see a true attack on women’s health and it is highly irresponsible to report Essure IS safe and effective. Especially when studies have shown Essure’s efficacy to be similar to or less effective than tubal ligation. It was also reported that women with Essure are ten times more likely to need future surgeries, and the clinical trial data that got this device approved was based on two nonrandomized, nonblinded studies that lacked a comparator group. 

The data is still so incomplete and determinations have yet to be made, yet the manufacturer is grasping at any last fiber they can before this device falls to its final demise here in the USA.