Essure Problems 

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Understanding the Legal Situation in Regards to Suing for Essure injuries

- There are currently over 16,000 cases filed across the country as of January, 2018 according to Bayer's annual report.

- All the attorneys listed work on contingency, so there is no money needed upfront.

- If another attorney approaches you and requests money up front before they agree to take your case... RUN! 

- The attorneys listed on this page have the capacity to represent anyone in the United States, regardless of the state in which you reside.

- Although we have spoken with the attorneys listed, this page is not intended as an endorsement for any one firm and we encourage you to do your own due diligence and only hire the attorney with which you feel most comfortable. 

-However, The two following firms have worked with the Essure Problems admin team since the very beginning. They have a deep understanding of the problems associated with Essure and have fought for and right along with their clients both in and outside of the courtroom.

Kock, Parafinczuk, Wolf, & Susen-

KPWS filed the nations first Essure lawsuit as well as the citizens petition which lead to the FDA holding a safety hearing to take another look at Essure in September of 2015. As a result of this hearing, the FDA recommended labeling changes to include a black box warning, and patient physician check list. The FDA also ordered Bayer to conduct a 522 post market surveillance study to compare Essure to traditional tubal ligation. 

Marcus Susen and Justin Parafinczuk of KPWS are board certified civil trial attorneys and have both been appointed to leadership positions on the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee for Essure, Marcus as lead counsel and Justin as the discovery chair. Both attorneys have joined us on multiple occasions at meetings with the FDA and our Congressional representatives.   

Ennis & Ennis Law-

Attorney Holly Ennis has been a trusted member of our group for some time now, and has also joined us in meetings with the FDA and Congress. She has been vocal at numerous rallies with us and writes an amazing blog that keeps Essure patients well informed. Her and her husband, attorney David Ennis, are working with Fleming Law

                     *This page is for general information purposes only. For a specific question, please consult with an attorney.


Essure Problems Lawsuit Community Page:

KPWS Additional Contact Info:

Phone: 1-954-462-6700


Marcus Susen: s[email protected] 

Justin Parafinczuk: [email protected]

*Currently Taking Cases

Ennis and Ennis Law Additional Contact Info:

Holly Ennis - Email: [email protected] | Phone: 1-800-856-6405

*Currently Taking Cases

Other trusted firms working with the admin team include the following:

Ungelsby and Williams-

*Currently Taking Cases

Jessie and Tor Hoerman at TorHoerman Law -

* Taking any client who is within 2 years of her removal. Cut off is implant before 2016.

Michael Monheit, Monheit Law
877-526-9674 |

*Currently Taking Cases

Fidelma Fitzpatrick at Motley Rice -

*Currently Taking Cases

Erin Copeland at Fibich, Leebron, Copeland, Briggs & Josephson -

+Currently Taking Cases

Kim Dougherty, Andrus Wagstaff, PC
Office: (508) 230-2700 | Toll free: (866) 795-9529 | Fax: (303) 376-6361
Email: [email protected] |

If you don’t get a timely response from Ms. Dougherty, she may be out of town, so it’s a good idea to email one of her Essure team members:
Jessica Tran <[email protected]>,
Sweta Adhikari <[email protected]>,
Cameron Andrus <[email protected]>,
John Crone <[email protected]>
*Accepting cases on a case by case basis

Class Action in Canada – Merchant Law…/essure-permanent-birth-control


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Michael Monheit, Esquire ([email protected])