Essure Problems 

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Keep the PRESSURE ON!!!!

Feb 11, 2016

Currently, there are 9,970 Essure adverse event reports in the FDA’s Maude database.

303 of those reports included FETAL DEATH.

In just the past three months, there have been over 1,350 surgeries on women due to Essure problems, reported within our group alone.

The FDA plans to make their announcement at the end of this month on their determinations going forward with Essure.

Our admin team is now racing to provide the FDA with packets containing powerful information on stats we have been keeping, along with pathology reports and surgical images, and a few other important items.

Please continue to write to your congressmen and women, share your personal Essure stories with them, send tweets, and make comments on their Facebook pages. 

We cannot let up.

We WILL not let up.

Write your congressman!! 

Follow these 

simple directions:

Click below to vote to support the E-Free act and send your rep a letter requesting they do the same!!!