Essure Problems 

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Life before Essure, Life with Essure, and Life after Essure

Today, I am a 32 yr old mother of 5 beautiful children. Ages range from 15 to 2. Before my placement of Essure in February 2012, I was a healthy person. No major health issues what so ever. I was always active with my kid’s school activities, after school events, i.e. football, dancing etc. Then I gained a full time job and was very eager to get to work every day because it was a Monday through Friday job which meant I had the weekend with my kiddos.

Well after our blessing of 9 years later came our 5th and final child. During the last few months of my pregnancy in 2011 I was talking with my doctor about have a regular tubal done because we were done have kids. I had a few issues with this pregnancy and couldn't risk having any more. About 2 weeks before I had my child, my doctor had discussed with me about this “New Permanent Birth Control called Essure”. I have never heard of it. I was wanting the regular old fashion tubal done, but then she told me that this Essure was more effective than the old way and that I could return back to work the next day, which was a concern for me because I had missed a lot due to my pregnancy and the birth of my child. Doctor explained it wouldn't hurt; it was done in clinic in about 20 minutes meaning no surgery and no long stay in hospital. She claimed that the clinic had done about 500 Essure Procedure’s prior to mine. Doctor also said that I need to receive the Depo shot as a secondary for the first 3 months after birth. So with all that being said I agreed! On February 13, 2012 I had Essure placed. I was given 3 meds to take -upon arrival of procedure. Those meds were, Vicodin, Valium and an Anti-Inflammatory. I was there first thing in the morning. During the placement, I had some very bad pain on the left side as she was placing the Essure coils. I felt everything she was doing. It was so painful she had to stop to let me settle down from the crying I was doing and then call for a shot of more pain meds. I complained right then and there and wanted to back out because I could not stand it. What was supposed to be 20 minutes turned out to be about a 1 ½ long procedure. I left in tears and could hardly walk. Note some women were put under for this and sent to a recovery room. I don’t understand why it’s all different around the U.S.

This is where Life with Essure began. A couple of weeks later I returned to clinic because I was still hurting and the meds weren't cutting it. Doctor assured me that it would be gone in a few weeks. The cramping would subside soon. The menstrual periods became horrible and remember I had a baby in December and was still bleeding from that. Again she said it would go away. It turned into, well you just had a baby and before this one you had twins so there has be a lot of normal wear and tear on your female organs. That didn't make any sense to me, but I am no doctor so I listened to her. Then within a month or so, I started with really bad headaches, back aches, pelvic pain, joint pain, unexplained rashes, my monthly cycle became unbearable with cramps and clotting and then it started coming twice a month. Sometimes it was so bad I would go to the ER. Each one of those symptoms I had checked out and none of the doctors could explain the pains. I had X-Rays done, blood work done and nothing ever turned up. None of this happened until I had Essure placed. This was taking a toll on my daily life as a mom and wife. I didn't want to do anything because I was always in pain. Some days I just wanted to stay in bed and hope that it would be relived. That became impossible because my family needed me.

So after months and months of going to doctor, I finally got in to see a different OB doctor who said after explaining everything to him, he said the best way to fix this was a hysterectomy. He said it would give me all the relief I needed. Then the next day I got a call to come back to clinic and I saw the implanting doctor who said she didn’t want to do a full hysterectomy. She recommended that I just remove my tubes with coils. So I went for the HSG test a day later, this is where she claimed they were placed correctly, but my medical chart stated the left coil had migrated. These coils aren’t supposed to move. That is the one I had a hard time with during the placement.

During consultation of setting things up for surgery doctor said Novasure ablation and D & C would benefit me to help with the monthly issues I was having.

This surgery was done December 2013. Well after that surgery my problems continued. Come to find out I had endometriosis, and lesions on the uterus. I caught an infection from surgery and was treated with meds. Complication of surgery they said.

After all that I was back in clinic scheduling a full hysterectomy leaving my ovaries so that I didn’t have to do hormone therapy for the next 15 years. This surgery was done here in January 2014. Well a week and half after surgery, I got a really nasty infection that put me in the hospital for about 4 days. Abscesses’ had formed and was causing me problems and pain. Once again I was back on the table for minor surgery to have these drained before I became deathly sick and had to wear a drain bag home to ensure that the infection was still coming out. I was told I was lucky I came in to the ER when I did. This was just another complication of surgery. Just my luck!

Here I am today, still recovery from all the surgeries, I am happy to say that all the pain I was having such as the headaches, back pain, joint pain, and unexplained rashes have disappeared. Although the doctors will never admit the cause was Essure I know deep down in my heart that was my problem. It’s sad that I was robbed of my woman hood at the age of 31, but at least I can say my family is complete. It is beyond devastating. Sometimes it’s hard to believe I have had to go through this.

Update: As of July 22nd, I was back in for surgery to remove my left ovary, which they said it was a cyst, but once in there they found a bunch of scar tissue. Due to the PET Fibers that causes so much inflammation and the “natural barrier” aka scar tissue built up real bad in my pelvic area attaching my ovary to the pelvic bone and scar tissue was wrapped around my bowels. Once again thank god I listened to my gut instinct and found another doctor or else in just a few months I could have been really sick. I will say since my hysterectomy and Abscess’s infection, I can say I am feeling so much more like myself. No more headaches, I have lost the weight I put on during the time I had ESSURE, the back pain is almost gone along with the unexplained rashes.

I will say during my time of recovery I have done a lot of research on Essure, and now know the full risks, and what the future complications can be. I wish that I could say it was only me, but I have come across a Facebook page with now over 16,000+ women who have had the same and more issues as I did, and their final fixture to the problem was the same as mine removal of tubes and coils or hysterectomy or a partial one. Some of the ladies on here are younger than me. There are some that still have to deal with Essure because doctors don’t want to admit the device is not safe.

There are too many bad side effects to be just a coincidence. It's unfair that so many have to deal with the problems of a "so called easy, non surgical, non hormonal birth control".

As of today I feel 95% better. It sucks that I had to have all this done because of unsafe device. I thought the terminology was Patients are always right, well... that's not how it goes when it comes to a woman with Essure problems.

Janie's Story

This is me and my family. They love me. I love them. We need each other.