Essure Problems 

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Raising Awareness About The Essure Procedure


The Essure Procedure is an optional form of female sterilization.

The manufacturer, now Bayer, states adverse events such as nickel allergy, perforation, and migration are expected. However, they claim these events are rare and have minimal outcomes. They also claim to have the lowest pregnancy rate compared to tubal ligation and other forms of birth control. Neither of these statements are proving to be true. Women in the thousands are coming forward on social media sites, blog sites, and to their local news stations, to tell their stories of horrific side effects and events due to having the Essure Procedure. Currently over 8,700 women are on a Facebook page called Essure Problems.

This is NOT a life saving device. It is an optional form of sterilization. The problems associated with this device are catastrophic. Women are reporting that their quality of life is deteriorating due to being implanted with Essure. Not only are they reporting severe allergic reaction, perforation, and migration, we are hearing about device malfunction as well. We are seeing miscarriages in the hundreds, and babies being born every month, after difficult pregnancies. We’ve heard of two cases of death caused by Essure. We’ve seen perforations that are so severe and dangerous that several surgeries were required to repair the damage. Hysterectomies happening every day in women as young as 20!

This is not okay! We need to come together and warn every woman about the dangers of Essure. We need to find funding for women in need of medical help, as they have no legal recourse against this class III protected medical device. We need this device pulled off the market!

Please join us in spreading awareness and educating women and doctors about the real dangers of this device. Many women have nowhere to turn, as their doctors are not aware that some of their ills are stemming from the device. Most emergency room personnel have never even heard of Essure, let alone know how to help a women writhing in pain from it.

Not only should this device be taken off the market, the medical device pre-emption laws need to be re-evaluated. Consumers deserve to be righted when a medical device, especially one that was fast tracked through the PMA process, harms them. The post market requirements for this device were either terminated early, are incomplete, or are not available for public view. We have submitted several FOIA requests for these post market approval results, and have received not one to date.




Melanie, Boston Massachusetts. Poisoned for five years. Even with two surgeries, there is no end to my Essure nightmare because of the allergies I’ve developed.


Michelle, Miami, Florida. Essure at 38 hemorrhaged at 39 Bilateral Salpingectomy at 40… All I wanted was birth control. I ended up with a coil fragment floating around my body and left life threatening complications.


Krystal, Bel Air, Maryland. Got Essure at 34, now get a hysterectomy for my 37th birthday. It will be a relief from 2+ years of fatigue, joint pain, rashes, and tube spasms, and abdominal and back pain from constantly growing adhesive disease.


Carrie, Texarkana, Arkansas. Essure caused a softball-sized abscess in just four weeks, resulting in a hysterectomy at 38, removing everything but one ovary due to the damage Essure caused. During surgery, my doctor discovered the abscess was leaking infection into my abdomen. Had I waited any longer, I could have died.


Amanda, Quad Cities, Illinois. My doctor highly recommended Essure, insisting that it was worry free. Three years later I had a hysterectomy just to feel like myself again and give my children their mother back!


Angie, Tannersville, NY. Essure inserted in 2009. Both coils expelled and embedded in my uterine lining. Hysterosopic surgery to remove them in 2011. Coils broke inside of me during removal. Now I have fragments and continue to grow sicker and sicker. Complete hysterectomy scheduled in two months.





Our group Essure Problems is committed to supporting the victims of Essure while fighting to have this device pulled off of the market.


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