Essure Problems 

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My name is Cecilia Bogle, I was implanted with Essure in 2009 shortly after my son was born. I had never heard of Essure before. I asked the Dr originally for a Tubal Ligation. I was then presented with essure as being the latest and greatest, the best thing out there. It was safe and just as effective as a TL and since I just had a baby I would need to be able to care for him. I was under the impression at this point that it was the only option I had for permanent sterilization. So I went with essure. I followed all instructions as per birth control, HSG, and Dr followups. I found out during the HSG I was still unprotected and was told to remain on my birth control and I did. Only about a week or so I was late and took a HPT test. It was positive. I was devastated scared and in shock.

To have to make the decision of not having a child and then finding out you are having one was hard for me because I felt guilty for ever having decided to stop having children.  I felt like I wasn't sure how to make sure my baby knew she was wanted the way she deserves to feel. Of course now she is the biggest blessing ever and I am so glad. But there are so many things that may have not gone right. I was blessed for her to be as healthy as she is.  I love her as I do all of my children with every breath.

My daughter was born healthy thank goodness, but after she was born I was in a tremendous amount of pain and heavy cycles so the Dr offered me a TLVH  and told me it would help with my problems. Unfortunately it didn't. Shortly after again I was in severe pain and they had done imaging that showed nothing in the area of the pain.  Eventually later down the road it was found there was fragment in the ascending colon and I still had both tubes and one coil was missing.  I ended up then needing a second surgery to remove the tubes. Between both coils which measure 4 cm each I have only been able to have 2 1/2 Cm of them removed.

Since being implanted with essure I have suffered from chronic pelvic pain, back pain, muscle spasms, severe vertigo, POTS, chronic migraines, Nickel and Gold allergies, Raynaud's Syndrome, and some sort of autoimmune arthritis still in testing.  The effect this failed product has had on myself has also affected my family, my children, my marriage and our finances.  Thankfully finding the facebook group Essure Problems and uniting with these other women who have all been through various amounts of issues from this product, it has given me hope and something to strive for. It is healing to me to offer support to others. As long as women know they aren't alone I know I am doing something good in this world.

The effect this failed product has had on myself has also affected my family, my children, my marriage and our finances. It has been very traumatic.