Essure Problems 

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Dear Angie,

Thank you for sending updates over the last recent months. I wanted to let you know that we did publish articles in our latest quarterly newsletter, NewsScope. I have attached a copy of the issue. On page 2, our medical director, Dr. Franklin Loffer, devoted his column to listening to patients and hearing what they are saying. And on page 11, is a full length article describing the medical issues involved with hysteroscopic sterilization. NewsScope is distributed to all 7,000 members of AAGL so these article will provide the education to our member physicians which we discussed at the meeting in November.

A Board member attended the meeting of the AAGL Special Interest Group Pelvic Pain and explained the need for research pertaining to pain associated with sterilization. While they could not commit immediately to projects, they did agree that it was worthy of research to provide the safest and most efficacious methods of sterilization for patients.


Barbara Hodgson