Essure Problems 

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Essure Victims Meet With Executive Committee of AALG to Raise Awareness
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Essure Victims Meet With Executive Committee of AALG to Raise Awareness
By Michelle Garcia

November 9, 2013

National Harbor, Oxenhill, MD: The leaders of the Essure Problems Facebook Group came to the Nation’s Capital ready to raise awareness to the harm caused to thousands by Essure. They found themselves unable to walk down the street without being approached by Surgeons who are familiar with Essure. These doctors expressed genuine sincerity about the issues women implanted by Essure have experienced and also expressed their gratitude for the efforts of the leadership to raise awareness to the dangers and unknown side effects caused by this device.

The greatest accomplishment was a meeting with the same leadership group and the Executive Committee of the AAGL, Members of the Executive Committee, including Dr. Kenneth Loffer, FACOG, Executive VP/Medical Director and Ms. Linda Michels, Executive Director, were fully engaged for the hour long discussion where concerns were presented along with supporting documentation. The leadership of the AAGL committed to assisting women harmed by Essure with finding physicians with Essure removal, as well as unbiased studies into the safety and effectiveness of the device and most important, sending a memo to the thousands of physicians in their organization about the issues being raised so that proper attention can be paid to women who may be suffering because of adverse effects caused by Essure.

The meeting was planned to coincide with Essure Awareness Day, which is November 10th. This is also the start of Global Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecology held just outside Washington D.C. at the Gaylord Convention Center.

For information about the women who have been harmed by Essure, including contact information to interview women from specific cities or medical experts concerned about the safety of Essure, contact Michelle Garcia via email at [email protected]

February 23, 2014


The AAGL met last month and the entire board discussed what we presented to them back in November. Here is the email we received from our contact person.


Hi Angie,
The Board agreed to the three action items I listed below and we are now working to implement them. As they get rolled out, I will inform you and let you know of any feedback we receive from members

Kind regards,
Barbara Hodgson