Essure Problems 

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September 17, 2010 is the day I consider the first day of the rest of my life. Honestly, looking back now the only way to describe myself then would be naive. September 17, 2010 is the day I had the Essure device implanted to end my fertility. That is the day my children lost the energetic mother they had come to know and love, the day my marriage began to deteriorate....that is the day I lost myself completely, and was forced to become the woman I am now. That one decision I thought I had made responsibly, changed my life as I knew it forever.

I didn’t realize it right away though. In July of 2012 I finally began to question why my hair was falling out, why I was tired all of the time, why people were asking me if I was pregnant because the bloating was so bad, why I suffered from joint pain and debilitating headaches, and why my overall health was quickly deteriorating. The named symptoms are just a few of many I suffered and it made me question if Essure could be the culprit. After all, it was the only thing I had changed since my health began to deteriorate. 

After missing a period and wondering if I could possibly be pregnant with Essure, I was shocked when I found an Essure Problems page on Facebook, full of women just like myself. Many also wondering if they too could be pregnant. After all, we were being told that Essure was the most effective form of permanent birth control and we would never have to worry about pregnancy again after an HSG test confirmed your tubes were blocked. I would later learn that pregnancy was possible and hundreds had in fact become pregnant, but I was not. 

When I found the page, there were only around 250 members. Now there are over 25,000. Day in and day out women come to the page presenting the exact same symptoms. We see everything from cancer, severe allergic reactions, pregnancy, perforations, migrated coils lodged in different organs, autoimmune disorders, death, and even suicide attempts from the misery these coils have caused. 

Naturally, after reading these stories everyday, it didn't take long for me to become angry.

When I became angry, all I wanted to do is read and research. I knew that I had to arm myself with the ammunition of knowledge in order to warn and inform other women about the dangers of Essure. So for over the past 4 years that’s exactly what I have been doing. I have read just about every SEC filing, every FDA document, every patent, everything you could possibly read pertaining to Essure.

I can tell you just about anything you want to know about the manufacturer and the Essure device, but at the end of the day, I still can't say I know everything when it comes down to it. Why? Because the FDA can legally send me a document that is completely redacted, claiming trade secret or classified as confidential by the manufacturer, thus hiding the important information patients deserve and need to know in order to reclaim their health and lives after Essure. 

This is wrong on so many levels. I shouldn't have had to take time away from my family to research any of this information. It should have all been readily available for any patient, especially patients considering Essure getting these devices at such young ages and wearing them for the rest of their lives!

I can, however, say with confidence that collectively we know enough to show anyone that Essure is NOT safe or effective, has been misrepresented to the public by the manufacturer, and should NOT be allowed to be implanted into one more woman! The benefits do NOT outweigh the risks and I will not give up until Essure is taken off of the market. I will come out of this journey a stronger person having taught my children and the women effected by Essure how to stand up and fight and advocate for their own health and the health of our future generations.